Monday, April 9, 2012

Its on

So lately Tim and I have been so busy with school and work we're exhausted and have no energy to be social. Well Friday we were motivated to do something fun with friends. We did a little LASERTAG. legit right? While we were waiting there was a party of 10 year olds and Jr high kids, that says it all. It was so much fun though! Lots of laughs with kacy and Jonathon. Can't wait for them to get married so we can party married style, whatever that means!

P.s. I totally smashed everyone at lasertag.

Monday, April 2, 2012


1:30 I wake up feeling so nauseas... my sweetie husband got my a barf bowl, some Gatorade and an.. Apple? Haha so cute. Being sick is the worst but good thing I have a husband that rubs my back while throwing up and tickles my arm to help me sleep.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheers to a YEAR

I am the worst at posting on my blog. And I'm usually too lazy to write anything.. So here are pictures yay!! This was Our one year anniversary we spend in Sedona! Because its been so long since the last time I blogged, I forgot they upload backwards [dumb, you think they'd get that gliche figured out by now] So this is our weekend backwards!

This was a MONSTROUS house we saw from the rock church on the hill. [Funny we took a picture of the house but not the church? anyway not important.] Its rumored this house is 20,000 sq feet going for 29 million dollars. The best part is its in the worst spot because EVERYONE goes to see the rock church when they go to sedona, so you can see right in the backyard!

Ever heard of a VORTEX?! Well its where the earths energy comes out. Neat right? It was a nice hike, but we didn't really feel it? All we felt was love.. [awwhh]
    The mountains here were soo beautiful! And the weather was amazing!

Time made friends with some hot pink hogs, nuff said.
We went shopping in the cute town! [ Didn't really buy anything because its outrageously expensive!]
OMG PINK JEEP TOURS! Don't we look cool?
[Ok sorry for all the kissing pictures but we're in love, and its our anniversary. ]
We found a beautiful creek where we had some lunch on some rocks by the water.
We drove to Sedona, the next night to tempe to see WICKED [amazing] then back to Sedona, kinda dumb? How about ADVENTUROUS!

Waiting for dinner...

Trying to set the timer! Got it!

I found a dutch boy! He's so cute!
OK so this was the start of our trip where Tim decides to run is nose into a door. No permanent damage was done.

So here we are now, married for OVER a year. Cool huh? I love him even more then when I was a love stricken 16 year old girl. He makes me laugh everyday and shows me love. I wouldn't say the first year is the hardest because I think it was pretty easy. I'm sure there were some fights but surprisingly once we say we're sorry those worries thoughts and emotions are forgotten. So cheers to eternity with the love of my life!

Monday, November 14, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons...

So this is a video shown in Sunday school today...
This is so beautiful. You will certainly need some tissues.

Today we had a birthday party for my dad at my parents. I love getting together with family, its such a special time.

On birthdays I have a tradition of telling stories about that birthday person! Its a lot of fun to tell stories about old times. I love my dad, he and I have always had a really good relationship [and secretly I know I'm his favorite] Well my mom told a story of when I got in my accident, after being in the hospital for a week and finally going home, I just so happened to develop phenomena. I was exhausted, sick, and frustrated when my dad walks in... he took one look at me and began to cry.
Now what daughter see's her father cry and doesn't cry? Exactly..
So I began to cry..

There have been so many things that have happened in my life that is a flat out miracle, but its not a miracle its a blessing. My life is just one big huge blessing. How have I been so lucky to have so many loving people in my life?

Anyway, feeling the spirit strong today! Optimistic about things coming up.. holidays, moving, new job, jewelry sale, new puppy.
Tim grew a great beard, but I made him shave it for Grace's wedding. Our puppies love to cuddle. 

So there is a boutique I'm putting my necklaces in and possibly some flowers, I'm really excited! 

Remember to say your prayer, be kind to others, and love with your whole heart.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Holy Guacamole

So our laptop pooped out and everytime I tried to post on our blog it would shut down.. but guess what..


We have a new laptop yaaaay! Here is what we've been up to..

We found some cool tables! Here is one of them, the leg was broken and the color yuck. So i redid it!

How great is this bumper sticker? Even better it was on the back of a minivan. You know theres trouble there!

They are just so cute.

I am obsessed with this BABY!!!

I love to dress this baby up!
Ok so here a bit of buisness. Hopefully I will get better about blogging. I need to blog my jewelry.. and tim when he sleeps because its HILARIOUS. No worries, its on my to-do list.  

Happy Halloween :)